About Porter

Like a diamond, I was conceived after immense pressure and a good deal of friction and heat. A few years later, I discovered the written word.

Like all beloved writers, I learned to use the pen before I learned to speak and once in the second grade, I got in trouble for signing my name on assignments in Egyptian hieroglyphics. In the years following, my singular experiences sharpened my wit and rye whiskey dulled the ache… the ache from bearing the heavy knowledge gleaned by having such a honed perspective.

When I’m not overcome by my great calling as a writer, I whore myself out designing clothing and other goods steeped in pop culture and share my great insight both in video and podcast form.

I bitch about comic books on Twitter @portergeeksout

I bitch about Disney on my podcast Dis BITCH on Soundcloud,  Facebook, and Twitter 

I host/produce a geek lifestyle web show Ultimate Fandom Online

And you can check out my t-shirts and other illustrations/designs at Redbubble